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P 108 - Vessel for sale


We built the boat in Canada in 2003-2004 for fishing but fishing in faroe collapsed in 2006 and we have not used the boat much since except for short charters including one which required us to recover oil from the sea after a ship sunk. We sailed the boat home from New-Brunswick in canada via Newfound – Rekjavik-vestmann islands and so to vagur in the faroe islands in September 2004, we were extremely impressed with its performance as two days before Iceland we encountered the low pressure from hurricane ``ivan´´and got north westerly wind of 13-18 meters on the port beam for 1½ days, we also tested the boat while fishing west of faroe in 33 mps and came home without

Concern so I have no doubts about the capability of the boat.

The hull is built in double sandwich form with 20mm coring between creating a very strong

Construction from material used mainly in the construction of lifeboats and rescue craft.

At the time of sea trials the top speed was 15.7kts but now we have a little more displacement so I would say a service speed of 11kts and full speed 13½kts ca but for charter we would be removing some items which will adjust this estimates in our favour.

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