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Looking for new challenges or a new job?

We at FMS recommend that you use sometime to prepare a personal resume – Curriculum Vitae.

Your resume gives you a clear overview of your profile and shows your unique skills.

The following section is intended to serve as a guide to "how to write a good CV".

You should see your CV as a "personal folder", which aims to sell a product:You - and your qualifications and achievements.

By taking a business point of view on what it means to write a CV, it is possible to overcome the modesty that is otherwise easy and most people unconsciously under selling themselves and their qualifications/competencies.

The CV is your personal data sheet, an expanded business card that can be spread in networks and provide a basis for discussions of potential job contexts.

Your CV should always be attached to your applications and can also be entered anonymously on relevant job databases.

To write a good CV

- although it might at first seem obvious and logical to fill out a resume, it is a time consuming and difficult process.

Most of us understand the concept off our jobs and professions that it can be difficult to put into words.

CV must be designed in such ways that even an outside person who has completely different frames of references and assumptions must be able to read it and get a full impression of you and your qualifications.

You may supplement your CV with a competence profile which is designed to give the reader a concise,comprehensive description of your main skills.

Do you think it's hard to get started with writing your CV, you should consider getting professional help from start to finish.
FMS offers professional guidance and a thorough review of your CV for a user charges.

We offer individual guidance on an hourly rate or enrollment in a course - how to make a resume.

Send us an e-mail with your request for help