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Process Agent

Faroe Maritime Services offers the following scope of maritime services, all recognized by the Quality  Management Standards ISO 9001:2008 and holds Achilles JQS certification.

The Faroese International Ship Register (FAS) offers a number of financial advantages and has proven to be an excellent alternative to other ship registries worldwide.

Faroe Maritime Services is approved by the local Authority to act as Process Agent for foreign ship owners that have decided to register their vessels under The Faroese International Ship Registry(FAS).

FMS offers consultancy services and analyses which financial benefits each specific ship owner will get using the Faroese Registry. The result of this analysis will give the Management Board the best possible information for taking the right decision.

When the decision has been made Faroe Maritime Services will assist in all registration processes, such as ship registration, company registration and tax registration.

Faroe Maritime Services is authorized to manage vessels and companies according to Faroese Legislation on behalf of foreign owners.