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Specification - Candidate / Advertising - Selection - Staffing - Follow-up

As a recruitment partner, we take responsibility for quality assurance and complete the whole process leading to the appointment, while management can focus more on daily tasks and future value creation.

Our recruitment services:

• Announced recruiting any present candidates from their own application base

• Actively seeking the marked

• Quality of candidates and the customer would have found

Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process begins with a thorough job and the requirement analysis for the organization, job content and criteria for selection of candidate described. Search candidate either through an advertised recruitment process, actively seeking the marked or a combination of these.

The candidate's competence profile mapped in relation to motivation, knowledge, personal qualities and skills. The survey conducted by structured interviews and sometimes also with a person from contracting

Staffing and support:

We handle all the candidates in the process in an ethical manner. If desired, we can help with negotiations with the selected candidate and drafting of employment agreements. The client and candidate followed by Faroe Maritime Services during the trial period to ensure successful integration and development.