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Ship Management

Faroe Maritime Services Ltd. is managing vessels under different nationalities, and do not sail exclusively under the faroese flag.

Tonnage does not need to be registered in the Faroe Islands, nor does a vessel need to fly the Faroese flag.


Currently, Faroe Maritime Services Ltd. represents and manages dredgers, tugs and offshore vessels for ship owners that have taken advantage of the many benefits of FAS.

We offer full-scale or partial ship management services, flexibly responding to the needs of our clients. There are no restrictions as to type or function of vessels that we manage.

Please contact us at Faroe Maritime Services Ltd.for further information on ship management services.


Faroe Maritime Services is certified according to Faroes legislation.

Responding to the demands of an emerging oil and shipping industry our dedication to excellence culminated in our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification started 2012. This Quality Management Manual applies to all our business areas and ensures high quality service not only to our current clients, but also gives potential new clients confidence in the level of service they can expect.