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On & Offshore Contractors


Faroe Maritime Services(FMS) is MLC 2006 approved as Seafarer Manning Office and we offer the following scope of maritime services, all recognized by the quality management standards ISO 9001:2008 and holds Achilles JQS certification.

Faroe Maritime Services provides short- or long-term solutions for our clients in the above mentioned sectors.

Our contractors are flexible in working under the clients' rotation demands.

If needed Faroe Maritime Services will arrange and take care of all employers duties, such as work permits, transport, accommodation etc.

Faroe Maritime Services has over the years built up an extensive database of highly qualified workforce, whose education and training are confirmed by the authorities.

Our key strengths are:

•Fast and efficient services

•Experience from around the world

•Skills to match the needs of clients

•Covering all sectors of the maritime sector

•Competitive by all standards 

 Faroe Maritime Services provides contractors for the maritime industry, the oil & gas sector and wind industry, on and offshore. 
Among others we can provide the following professionals:

QHSE Supervisors            Jack up barge personnel                Rope access personnel
Electrical Engineers         Carrousel operators                       Derrick hands                   Welders                            Pump operators                             Pipe fitters
Logistic staff                    Nurses                                             Rig managers
Riggers                             Roughnecks                                    Roustabouts
Drillers                              Tool pushers                                   Rov pilots/tech
Civil Engineers                 IT Technicians                                 Navigators
DPO                                  Engineers                                         Cooks
AB                                     OS                                                     Electricians
Crane operators               Forklift drivers                                Stevedors