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General Rental Conditions


Along with the assignment confirmation, these general terms of business personal leasing as Faroe Maritime Services performs for the client, unless otherwise expressly agreed between Faroe Maritime Services and principal.

1. Ordering and order confirmation

1.1 For each assignment applies to the conditions stated in the order confirmation and these general terms of personal leasing. The discrepancy comes priority acc. above sequence.

1.2 Scope stated Faroe Maritime Services assignment confirmation.

Changes requiring a written agreement.

1.3 If the client will not approve the order confirmation, it is the client's responsibility to notify Faroe Maritime Services about this as soon as possible and no later than five days after contract confirmation. Otherwise, regarded the agreement with Confirmation content.

1.4 A confirmed and begun agreed mission is to be regarded as mutually binding on the parties and can not normally be cancelled before the agreed period.

1.5 If the contract extension is sought beyond the agreed period, be notified as soon as possible to Faroe Maritime Services who will seek to agree an extension to his employee.

2. The right person in the right place

2.1 Faroe Maritime Services will do their utmost to find employees with the necessary professional qualifications and personal qualities that suit the client's environment. If the customer is not satisfied with the selection, you must notify the principal in writing to Faroe Maritime Services about this as soon as possible. Training new employees covered by the client.

2.2 Faroe Maritime Services guarantee that the employee meets the agreed date at the agreed location. Unable Faroe Maritime Services, receive client offer free employee corresponding delay - limited to five days - but no longer than the duration.

3. Liability

3.1 Faroe Maritime Services is responsible for employee wages, vacation pay, insurance, industrial injury insurance, any sick pay, mandatory occupational pension, business travel insurance and other legal moves.

3.2 Faroe Maritime Services employees to adapt and live customer's safety instructions, work rules and other regulations applicable to the client's employees and / or the assignment.

3.3 Faroe Maritime Services is responsible for important information on safety procedures and regulations, and requirements for the use of personal protective equipment in the mission are identified and made known to the employee before the mission begins.

3.4 Faroe Maritime Services is registered and approved as a Faroese company and is eligible to the Inspection acc. Faroese Regulations.

3.5 The client is responsible for managing and monitoring Faroe Maritime Services employees in their daily work. Faroe Maritime Services is not responsible for the result of any direct or indirect financial losses resulting from employee errors or omissions. This also applies to claims by third parties.

3.6 The customer has ownership of results and documents drawn up as a result of the assignment.

3.7 The principal must have completed mission originally ordered through Faroe Maritime Services before the employee can be offered employment directly in the client's business. After completing the mission and a total lease term of at least six months, the client freely employ the employee in the private sector. At any previous employment triggered an interchange fee.

3.8 The Parties shall mutually hold each other harmless against claims in connection with the contract as a result of the employee's own injury or death.

4.0 Insurances

4.1 Business Liability insurance covers legal liability for physical injury to another person or another person's property.

4.2 Crime insurance covers claims for fraudulent behaviour or criminal acts of the debtor (embezzlement, theft, fraud, misappropriation of funds or forgery).

4.3 injury insurance covers medical disability, disability or death resulting from occupational accidents according to the law on occupational injury and occupational disease. 

Accident offshore: 40 G by death and by 100% medical disability.

Using the employees in the UK, in war zones or other areas that for various reasons require additional insurance, such additional costs borne by the client.

4.4 Customer is responsible for drawing their own insurance for corporate personnel, equipment and property.

5. Price and payment

5.1 The Client shall pay the approved invoice amount within 8 days after the invoice date. By late payment interest calculated in accordance with the Act on interest on delayed payments. Billing for land-based work occurs twice per month based on certified invoices (timesheets). Billing for work offshore happens after every period of stay.

5.2. Overtime with onshore work will be billed to the actual additional costs Faroe Maritime Services has the employee's overtime pay and it is not calculated additional profits. Overtime pay of 50% given employees for work in excess of 8 hours (possibly including lunch) until. 21:00 on weekdays and until. 13:00 on Saturdays. After this time. 21:00 on weekdays, after at. 13:00 on Saturday and Sunday - and holidays overtime charge of 100%. Otherwise, the Working Conditions Act overtime. For otherwise the order confirmation respect. the specific hourly rates.

5.3 When working offshore billed normal hours, overtime hours, latency, lodging allowance, holiday charges and mobilization expenses (home heliport t / r) acc. rates stated in the order confirmation.

5.4 Prices quoted in the Price Agreement up regulated annually according to Statistics Norway (SSB) Annual wage, see: ssb up regulation effective 1 June.

5.5 The introduction of new additions to the temporary employees' pay and / or other costs resulting from legislation or collective practices beyond the actual hourly rate - for example, extended vacation provisions - can be adjusted hourly rate accordingly.

6. Secrecy

All contractor trade secrets and otherwise all descriptions, formulas, models and the like Faroe Maritime Services has received from the employer in connection with the execution of the tasks shall be kept secret and must not be reproduced or used for any purpose other than to carry out the mission. At the request of the Faroe Maritime Services promptly return the documents received, otherwise they will be destroyed.

7. Disputes

Any disputes shall be resolved by negotiations. If this fails, the matter shall be settled in accordance with Faroese law. The parties agree to Torshavn District Court.