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Faroe Business Report. Ship management and human resources consultancy, opened for business, with partner Mr. Joensen as managing director.   With specialist knowledge of the Faroe Islands International Ship Register (FAS), the Faroese company manages merchant vessels under a range of international flags, including the Faroese. FAS advantages include a 18-percent tax on corporate profits, […]

sunnudagur, 30 januar 2011

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Our Brokers have sold a Víkingur from the Faroes to Iceland

To day our ship brokerage have sold a fishing boat a Víkingur from the Faroe Island to a client in Iceland. Whether you what to buy or to sell you fishing boat, we can guide you throughout the entire S&P process, from inspection and through the contract conclusion. For more information about our sale and […]

hósdagur, 25 november 2010

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Pre-Purchase Inspection/Condition Survey of M/S Prime Kuummiut

Our team has been ombord M/S Prime Kuummiut to day to make an Inspection and Condition Survey.  

mikudagur, 01 september 2010

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Pre-Purchase Inspection & Condition Survey

Faroe Maritime Services makes regularly Pre-Purchase Inspection & Condition Survey To day our team visited ombord M/S Kappen to make Condition Survey. If you are in need any assistance the we are ready to assist!

mikudagur, 30 juni 2010