Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW - Combined Purse Seiner/Freezer Factory Trawler


1987, Mjellem & Karlsen Verft AS, Norway


2014. Flag change to Greenland Insulation increased for low noise.


2013  new RSW  2 x ammonia based plants.


2,490 GT / 1,186 NT


1,425 GRT / 883 NRT


DNV GL, + 1A1 Fishing vessel(S) Ice(C)


Loa 77.60 / Lbp 69.6 m / Beam 12.60 / Depth 8.50 m.


4,080 BHP, Wichmann WX28v10 no.6025 3000kW Reg. Nr. 1812 Total running hours as of February 2018: 170.000 hrs. Intermediate overhauled February 2018


3600 mm in nozzle, 4 blades, 3.6 m


2 x 800 HP Brunvoll


Max 13 kn.


1 x Caterpillar 3512B 1360 kW. Total running hours as of February 2018: 75.000hrs. Last overhaul:  75.0000hrs (2nd major overhaul) New generator: 72.000hrs

1 x Caterpillar 3508/LL.s.6A M50 909 kW. Total running hours as of august 2017: 33.943hrs hrs. Last overhaul:  29.227hrs New generator: 33.600hrs


1 x Stamford 1850 kW


2,760 m3 - Divided into 1344 m3 for frozen product and 1420 m3 in 9 seperated RSW tanks. (Possible to use also about 1000 m3 in lengthened section, for fresh fish.)


2 x Rapp trawl winches 1 x Rapp Auto trawl system 1 x Rapp TT-5050 net drum 1 x Rapp TT-7000 net drum 1 x Rapp SOW-160 cable winch 1 x Rapp SOW-500 cable winch 1x Rapp Hydem CF-600/601 Kapstan 1 x Rapp GWB-680/HMB5 aux winch 2 x Rapp Purse seine winches TWS5030C 1 x Triplex 850/500 netwinch 1 x Triplex crane NK-5012 1 x Triplex crane NK-5000 (net layer) 1 x Rapp CP-3000 fish pump 1 x SeaQuest 18” fish pump 2 x Rapp HHRL fish hose reels 2 x Fish water separator 18” 1 x Triplex KN-30 deck crane 1 x Triplex KN-50 deck crane 1 x Anchor winch type Rapp AW-1800


11 x vertical plate freezers (Kværner Kulde) with auto load 1 x Hovden compressor (2005) - overhauled 2018 2 x Grasso compressors (2006) – overhauled 2017 Freezing capacity: approx 150 tons capelin / 24 hrs. 10 x 36 stations and 1 x 32 st. Ammonia freezing medium 2006


2 x 870 kw New 2013 - Ammonia based


4 x VMK filleting machines 1 x Slurry ice machine 2 x waste pumps (400 tons) 2 x strapping machines Processing plant new 2006 and was designed for herring, blue whiting, mackerel and cabling. Processing is for filleting and whole round freezing. 1 x label printer Conveyors and storage bins of latest design Iras vacuum system for feeding of fish to the filleting machines Extra Iras vacuum system for Mackerel STYLE LR-5/18-24 grader (capacity 20 tons of herring per hour) Automatic plastic and packing system 7-10 boxes per one minute


1 x Furuno SC-110 GPS compass 1 x Simrad Shipmade GN-30 GPS receiver 1 x Simrad Shipmade RS-5400 GPS plotter 1 x MaxSea plotter 1 x Tayo TD-L1510 GPS 1 x Sea Equipment communication system 1 x Skanti TRP-1 VHF radio for lifeboat 1 x Sailor RT-2047 VHF radio 1 x Sailor RT-4822 DSC VHF radio 1 x Shipmade RS-8400DSC/RS8035 VHF radio 1 x Sael Personnel monitoring 1 x Skanti WR 6000 guard 1 x Navico 3 Hand radios 1 x Sailor Compact receiver R-2022 1 x Sailor H1640/H1252B radio telex 1 x Skanti PRN-9000/PCU-9000 radio telex 1 x OKI-FAX 4100 telefax 1 x Tron 30S EPIRB emergency buoy 1 x Shipmade RS 6100 Navtex 1 x Skanti Irridium satellite phone 1 x Sperry SR-120 gyro compass 1 x Simrad AP-50 Autopilot 1 x Simrad Robertson AP9 MK3+REP autopilot 1 x Simrad Robertson ROBFISH autopilot 1 x Furuno FSV-30S sonar 1 x Furuno FSV-84 high freq. sonar 1 x Simrad FS-900 trawl sonar 1 x Simrad FS-925 trawl sonar 1 x Scantrol autotrawl trawl system 1 x Scanmar 4001 headline sensor 1 x Furuno FCV-1200L depth sensor 1 x Furuno FCV 30B depth sensor 1 x Furuno CI-68 current meter 1 x PH Flow meter M-60 1 x Ben Log ECO 3B 1 x Wireless call system for helmets 1 x Phonico 10 channel call system 1 x Steephans PK-20/Phonico PFK-5 call system 1 x LG NORTEL phone system 1 x Sea-Tel 4894 satellite TV 1 x Norselight SH-470/RS10/2000W spotlight 1 x Fireguard fire alarm system 1 x Sigmund launch system 1 x Simrad EQ50 echo-sounder 1 x Decca Bridgemaster radar 340 S-Band 1 x Furuno FR2115 radar 1 x Skanti TRP-8750 radio 1 x Skanti TRP –6000 radio 1 x Simrad RDN-50 Sea chart mach


For 21 pers., 14 x cabins incl. hospital


Tenfjord SR 622 steering machine Becker Meyer rudder


New in 2017:                                                 Full 30 years survey in DNV.                                                 All hull zink anodes replaced                                                 Triplex net 1671 Type NK-5012 + MOB boat crane surveyed and overhauled                                                 Turbo + reduction gear major overhaul                                                 New clutch between gear and ME                                                 Refitted for pumping in the aft.                                                 New motors in trawl winches                                                 New motors in net drum                                                 New WAASP echo sounder                                                 New Radar Furuno FAR 2117 (IMO approved)                                                 New vacuum pumps (for discharging)                                                 New trawl box (Scantrol)                                                 New air compressor                                                 Approved BWMP                                                 New fish RSW and cargo hold overview system (temp. and capacity levels)                                                 New approved fire alarm panel                                                 New Gyro for compass


Upon arrangement with Faroe Maritime Services


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