CSV – Offshore Supply Ship

Faroe Maritime Services has just received this CSV – Offshore Supply vessel for sale.

The vessel is ready for inspection in Norway.

😍 Call Faroe Maritime Services on +298 610000 or send an e-mail on fms@fms.fo to arrange an inspection or to get more information. 😃📞


Ship Type Supply Vessel – CSV
Year Built: 2001
Deadweight  3000
National Gross Tonnage 1989 
IMO 69 Gross Tonnage 1989 
IMO 69 Net Tonnage 951 
Main Class   1A1  
Class description  SF E0 DK(+) HL2.5 
Length Between Perpendiculars (m) 61.8 
Length Overall (m) 67 
Draught (m) 6.0
Breadth Moulded (m) 16 
Depth Moulded (m)
BHP 5460

Vessel has been rebuild for CSV work fitted whit good accommodation work cranes etc.