New Build Live Fish Carrier – capacities range – 1000m3 to 3000m3

Faroe Maritime Services offers a variety of legal, technical, design and market related services and support in newbuilding projects. We offer: – Localization of the right shipyard – Negotiation of terms – Coming up with design suggestions etc.

Below you can see an example of an Live Fish Carrier of 1500m3, that was offered by Naval Consult AS and Faroe Maritime Services in a joint project.

LOA – 60,5m

LPP – 55,5m

B -14m



T MAX – ~5,3m

Frame spacing – 0,6m

Cargo tanks – 2x~825m3 (Net volume for fish -1500m3)

Hull and superstructure of the vessel to be built of steel.

Wheelhouse, radar mast, mast house on forecastle deck and foremast to be built of aluminium.

  • Steel weight: approximately 600 tonnes.
  • Aluminium weight: approximately 15 tonnes

Ship to be built according Class notation DNV +1A 1 EO,

The vessel shall comply with rules of

  • Faroe Maritime Authorities
  • and other applicable Authorities.

Delivery time can be arranged to 12 months after signing the final contract.

If you need more information please contact our office.

Outline Specification 60M -1500m3 Live Fish Carrier FMS