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Tugboat for sale – Bollard Pull. 48 Ton

Faroe Maritime Services has to day received this tug for sale directly from the owners (En) Tug for sale – Bollard Pull. 48 Ton

hósdagur, 14 desember 2017

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Assignment ship valuers

To we made a ship valuation for one of our local clients. We are internationally recognized as ship valuers, whose clients include banks, lawyers, insurers, shipping lines, the Government and other government agencies use our services. Our ship valuation experience combines with first hand and wider sales sources individually considered and researched case by case, and […]

fríggjadagur, 30 september 2016

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(En) Platform supply vessel for delousing of salmon

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sunnudagur, 07 august 2016

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Evaluation of vessel for a Greenland shipping company.

Faroe Maritime Services has revived an assignment from a curator of a Greenland shipping company. This assignment includes evaluation of all the fishing vessel and also of there equipment.

fríggjadagur, 15 januar 2016

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assignment as auctioneers

Faroe Maritime Services have been the appointed brokers for over 20 years. We acted as  auctioneers regularly. Our long standing role in this process has given us enormous experience which we also apply to judicial sales throughout the world. We are regularly retained by mortgagees and other creditors, and offer a complete service of assistance […]

týsdagur, 24 november 2015

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(En) Pre-Purchase Inspection/Condition Survey of the fishing vessel Dýrindal

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týsdagur, 15 september 2015

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Boat valuation

On regularly base we make Boat valuation for clients that what to sell there boats or just what to know the value of there boat? Other clients what to getting ready to buy a boat, but want to make sure they do´n overpay?  

fríggjadagur, 22 mai 2015

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Consultant assigment

Faroe Maritime Services has resonantly completed and delivers a full report to one of our clients, this client sent an inquiry and asked if we could assist there company in finding an newer Ro/Pax ferry for an North Atlantic route. Faroe Maritime Services should not only deliver vessels specifications but also make new operational budgets […]

sunnudagur, 10 mai 2015

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Ship valuation

On regularly base we make vessel valuation for clients, banks and others that what know the value of there vessel.  

hósdagur, 26 mars 2015

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Assignment in Kirkenes

Faroe Maritime Services has been in Kirkenes to make a survey assignment for a Canadian company.

mánadagur, 01 desember 2014