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Svitzer has registered the vessel Bob in FAS

Today, the vessel Bob has been registered in FAS with Torshavn as home port. The TUG has been built on in 1997. Now Svitzer has a fleet of a total of 8 vessels REGISTRADED in the Faroe Islands International Ship Register FAS and the plan is to increase this number over the coming months.

hósdagur, 29 mars 2012

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Bonden under the Faroes International Ship registered – FAS

To day 23 of Mars was the Tug Bonden registered under Faroes flag. The owner is Svitzer Faroe Islands. The Tug boat Bonden is operating in Scandinavia waters and is stationed in Sweden.

fríggjadagur, 23 mars 2012

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Visit by Kenneth Andersson partner of SSE-AB group

Kenneth Andersson has been on a two days visit to the Faroe Islands where we have organizing all meetings with FAS, FMA, lawyers and accountants.

hósdagur, 29 september 2011

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New E-learning course in Faroese Maritime Legislation

FMS is pleased to inform that the Faroese Centre of Maritime Studies & Engineering now offers a new online E-learning course in Faroese Maritime Legislation. This course is mandatory for all non-Faroese senior officers working on Faroese flagged vessels. The opportunity to achieve this diploma via e-learning is a great improvement for all, especially senior officers, […]

týsdagur, 30 august 2011

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Svitzer Faroe Islands P/F

Svitzer Faroe Islands P/F become to day. Member of the Faroese association for merchant shipsowners.  

mánadagur, 29 august 2011

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Cooperation agreement with SSE ab

To day Faroe Maritime Services and SSE Ab have enter in to a cooperation agreement. This agreement includes supplying crew management services with Faroes Crew members.

mánadagur, 08 august 2011

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Rina best performing Classification Society by the Paris MOU list

Rina was also this year deemed as the best performing Classification Society by the Paris MOU list. Please find attached official list coming from Paris MOU web site and abstract by the press release article, below quoted: QUOTE The Paris MOU has just released its new performance lists for flag states and recognized organizations. From […]

fríggjadagur, 01 juli 2011

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Svitzer Trym under Faroes Flag

The China new built tug  Svitzer Trym is now under Faroes Flag. The Tug is operation in Scandinavia after a long delivery voyage from Qingdao. The tug is stationed in Sweden.  Svitzer Trym is an ice strengthened multipurpose tug fitted with large towing winches. Svitzer Trym – and her sister  Svitzer Tyr -arrived at Frederikshavnafter 15,000 nautical miles delivery voyage from Quindao in China. […]

mikudagur, 08 juni 2011

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Svitzer is coming to Faroe Islands.

Source: Shipgaz Svitzer has now choose to re-flag their Swedish flag vessels to the Faroe International Shipping Register (FAS). This is with reference to the fact that ships are not competitive under Swedish flag and the Faroese ship registry is the most advantageous for the employees. “We have informed our employees and unions about our intentions. We want an open process, ” says Torsten Holst Pedersen, managing director of Svitzer Scandinavia, to Shipgaz. There are not yet quantified the number of Svitzer ships to be transferred to FAS, but Mr. Holst Pedersenestimates that it will be a 10-12 pieces. “We have chosen the Faroe International Shipping Register of interests of our employees. The Danish DIS is anet wage system. It would mean that our employees would pay zero tax in Denmark, but then 35 percent taxin Sweden. And then it will not be so much left. Contrary to the Faroe Islands which offers a tax rebate for the personal, “says Torsten Holst Pedersen. He hopes that the process will be completed during the first quarter of next year.

týsdagur, 30 november 2010

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M/V Crystal Ice in Klaksvík

M/V Crystal Ice arrived in Klaksvík on the 22.07.10 for loading Atlantic Herring.

hósdagur, 22 juli 2010