Located between Iceland and Norway and North of Shetland, the Faroe Islands are well situated and some do say “in a maritime sweet spot”.

The Faroe Islands is located very close to the sea traffic on the Northeast Passage, much closer than any other harbours, shipyard or bunker terminal in the northern region.

This has had the effect that more and more vessels to decide to use our services and facilities, both when it comes to bunkering, technical services and to make crew change etc.

The anchorage areas in the Faroe Islands are good and safe and they get used alot by shuttle tankers, LPG  and LNG tankers and reefers vessels that are waiting for next loading operation.

Quite a lot of vessels in transit that are sailing on the way east or vest bound on the Northeast Passage to and from US/Canada ask Faroe Maritime Services to arrange launch outside port areas when the vessel is passing in between the Islands.

Some send packages, charts and special spare parts to our office and we then arrange everything in safety nets and prepare the launch so it is ready when the vessel passes between the islands of Faroe Islands.

Please contact Faroe Maritime Services on +298792001 or at fms@fms.fo if you need of any support or services.