If you are looking for a permanent employment or temporary contracts in the marine industry, then you are welcome to contact Faroe Maritime Services to discuss which of our vacancies might suit you.

Faroe Maritime Services attract exciting new vacancies, one of which might be of your interest!

We have a page call (candidate’s) her do we expose maritime candidates, that all are ready to join on short notice contract and replacement trips.

This service is well used by ship owners and maritime companies. Our clients find this service as one of the best ways and most help full way to get qualified candidates for immediately joining.

If you consider exposing you profile on our page (candidate’s) then you must fill out the following documents and send them to our office mail fms@fms.fo

CV FMS , Seafarer’s qualifications & Privacy Policy

Please fill out the form below to send your CV

    Once you have send your CV please call our office on +298 610000 and if we find you qualifications appropriate, then we will arrange a meeting with you.

    Before the meeting you must fill out this documents CV FMS , Seafarer’s qualifications and Privacy Policy send them by email.

    We look forward to hearing from you.