If you are considering buying or you have already acquired a fishing- or a commercial-vessel and you need to changing the flag of the vessel, then Faroe Maritime Services has the necessary skills and experience to provide advice and support, so that you take the right decision about the purchase and re-flaging.

Faroe Maritime Services has experiences with reflagging vessels to the following flagstads:

Faroe Islands, Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, UK, Bahamas, Saint Kitts and Nevic and Panama.

It is important to start by carrying out a technical inspection of the vessel, so that both the technical standard and any requirements that will be imposed by the New Maritime Authority is uncovered.

In such a process, will Faroe Maritime Services be in constant contact with the Maritime Authority and the vessels class to ensure that there are no major and unexpected demands from the New flagstat Authority.

The information, drawings and specifications required by the New Maritime Authority will be provided. Data include updated drawings,  for Greenland ice-class study, calculation of stability, noise measurements, asbestos survey, etc. are delivered in cooperation with Faroe Maritime Services partners.

Faroe Maritime Services will support with various paperwork as required by the New Maritime Authority in connection with the re-flagging and registration, such as completion of application for crew certificates and minimum safe manning, registration of the vessels papers etc.

If you need support and assistance please call +29861000 and we can discuss this matter.