Assistance in applying for Seaman Books and Title Endorsements

During the last days haa our team assisted and supported a ship owner, in there process of applying for Panama Endorsement for his crew members.

The Basic Requisites for applying are ?
• Passport copy (First and Last page scanned color)
• Photographs – pp size, white background (scanned color),
• STCW-95/2010 basic courses certificates (PST, PSSR, FPFF, EFA) and SSA / STSDSD – (scanned color)
• Opito approved BOSIET or FOET and SSA / STADSD (scanned copy for rank of Marine Technician MOU only)
• Medical Fitness certificate as per ILO/IMA format (scanned copy)
• Contact information

We assist in filing :
• Panama Seaman Book / CDC
• Validity – 5 years from date of issue
• Time required to process : 8-12 days
• Blue chit issued in 1 day (scanned copy)

If you are in need of any assistance in Applying ? Please call us