Faroe Islands cruise Agency

Faroe Maritime Services operates as a port agent for all types of vessels calling on Faroese ports.

We provide all port agency services and have been doing this since 1984.

Faroe Maritime Services has over the years had the pleasure of welcoming and assisting cruise ships, offshore vessels, military ships, oil tankers, super yachts, etc. during their visits to the Faroe Islands. 

We always make sure that all vessels and crew have a pleasant and memorable visit, and more so, we put our effort into providing the vessels with what they need.

We offer 24-hour port agency service in all the ports of Faroe Isands .

Please contact our office for more information.

Yesterday, we had the first cruise ships of this season in the Port of Torshavn, the 2022 cruise season.

As always, there is a lot to be planned in advance of the vessel’s arrival, so that when the vessel has arrived and all the lines are secured, it shall be as if it were playing on the stage.

This morning we had several buses ready for excursions around the Faroe Islands. After all the passingers had left the vessel to go on their excursions, It was time for us to provide the vessel with all the stores, provisions, MGO, etc that were needed.

One other aspect of this arrival is that this vessel is heading for Svalbard.

When going ashore on Svalbard, there is a special requirement: the crew must carry a shotgun in case they need to protect themselves or the guests from wild animals.

So to prepare the crew, we have arranged a shotgun handling session and shutting session for the crew members on our new shutting range in Torshavn.