Faroese Maritime Unions has been establish


The establishment of The Faroese Maritime Unions

A new association between the Faroese Officers’ and Seamens’ Unions was founded on the 2nd of July 2010. The establishing parties are The Faroese Shipmasters and Navigators Association representing master mariners, The Faroese Engineers’ Union representing marine engineers and The Faroese Fishermens’ Union, Seamens’ Dept. representing the ratings. The new partnership has been named The Faroese Maritime Unions FMU.

The FMU has been established in order to implement agreements for the non-Faroese officers and ratings employed on board ships in The Faroese International Ship Register FAS. FMU will also representent the non-Faroese seamen towards shipowners, authorities concerned and in international trade-union co-operation.

The FMU’s Board of Directors is represented with one member from each of the Unions. The first board is formed of the three Union’s chairmen: Mr. Eyðstein Djurhuus from master mariners, Mr. Páll Hansen from the marine engineers and Mr. Jan Højgaard from the Seamen’s Dept.

Yours sincerely

Sjúrður Heinesen, Secretary
Faroese Maritime Unions