The Port of Vágur is sheltered by a deep fjord. Entering the port is safe and easy, with a tidal range of max one metre. The port is protected from currents and waves.
The Port of Vágur is open 24 hours, 365 days per year, and has a 24-hour pilot service. The port is never closed because of weather conditions.
Ships servicing the offshore oil-industry, both supply-ships, guard-vessels or other ships, will not at any time of the year be delayed or hindered port access by closure of the
Port of Vágur.

Port information

Certificates & Qualifications
• ISPS approved port (International Ship and Port Facility Security)
The North harbour
• More than 360 m in total quay length (max draft 10.0 m and min. draft 7.0 m)
• 86 meters quayside with 10.0 meters draft
• 146 meters quayside with 8.5 meters draft
• 130 meters quayside with 7.0 meters draft
• Ro-ro wharf
• 8.000 m2 open storage area
• 1.700 m2 indoor storage area

The South harbour
• Bunkering harbour (fuel)
• Capacity for ships up to 140 meters length at quayside
• At quayside the draft is 7.5 meters.

Cost at the Port of Vágur
• Harbour dues: 1,80 Dkr. pr NT
• Quay dues: 1,45 Dkr. pr. NT
• Pilot services (according to law) 2.200 Dkr. in & 2.200 Dkr. out
• Fresh cleaned water: 12 Dkr. pr. tons
• Waste / garbage: 225 Dkr. pr. m3
• Shore power: 2 Dkr. pr. kwh
• Free Wi-fi available at quay side

• Marine gasoil (high quality 0,1% Sulphur)
• Fuel
• Fresh cleaned water (regular water test)
• Food supplies

By Port of Vágur there are a wide range of MRO services (Maintenance, Repair, and
Operations), hydraulic and hi-tech steel work.

Search And Rescue, waste management and other services

The marine Search and Rescue (SAR) services in the Faroe Islands is managed by MRCC Tórshavn. The service is organized in accordance with Faroese law, International Standards
and agreements made with other countries. On the island of Suðuroy, where the Port of Vágur is, there are local SAR services organized by two SAR-teams, covering both SAR on
land and at sea.

The Port of Vágur organizes waste management services. Tanks for waste oil and waste disposal are available at quay side. The port is also equipped with oil spill skimmers.
Health and security: In the midst of Vágur there is a medical centre with doctors, nurse and dentists. There is a hospital on the island of Suðuroy, only 20 minutes drive from the
Port of Vágur. Vágur has a well-equipped fire station and rescue team. By the fire station there is a heliport. On the island of Suðuroy there is a police station.

Provisions: Local shopping centres provide supplies and tax free provisions of dried, frozen and cold commodities, fruit, baked goods, as well as tools and soaps for ships, work
wear / clothes and other commodities on a 7 days a week service.

Personal care and recreation: In Vágur there are a wide range of services within personal care and recreation. Encompassing physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatrist,
hairdressers, sports hall, new swimming and wellness centre, water skiing, RIB.

Vágur is situated on a beautiful tiered surrounded by mountains. Guided tours are arranged by the Tourist Office in Vágur.

The port of Vágur expands for the offshore oil industry:

The Port of Vágur is scheduled to be expanded, creating the best possible circumstances for the offshore oil industry in the North Atlantic. The expansion will be at the new South
New quayside and harbour area The expansion will include 300 m of new quayside, 200 m with 7.5 m draft, and 100 m. with up to 15 m. draft.
With the expansion 18.000 m2 of new harbour area will be available to open and indoor storages, as well as office facilities and other facilities.

Bunkering by the South harbour

The South harbour supplies bunkering of fresh water, fuel, as well as other supplies. The expansion of the harbour will include an area for new marine gasoil tanks, as well as an
area for gas-tanks.