Statoil & North Atlantic Drilling (Seadrill)

Faroe Maritime Services has to day participated in meeting with Statoil Faroe Islands & communicated with North Atlantic Drilling (Seadrill)

About supplier manpower to Statoil Faroes and North Atlantic Drilling (Seadrill).

The working values of Faroe Maritime Services is excellence, accountability and innovation in all working areas.

We have recently been approved as the first Seafarer Manning Office according to MLC 2006 in the Danish Kingdom.

In addition Faroe Maritime Services also hold an ISO 9001:2008 certification from Bureau Veritas and we are alæso approved by Achilles.

The benefits for our clients could are numerous:

  • Fast service
  • Targeted assignments
  • Optimize time consuming operations
  • Faroese personnel with maritime traditions
  • Office employees with maritime hands-on expertise

Faroe Maritime Services provides contractors for the maritime industry, the oil & gas sector and wind industry, on and offshore.

Faroe Maritime Services has been active in the maritime services sector since 2002 and our utmost vish is that we will become qualified supplier to Statoil Faroes and North Atlantic Drilling (Seadrill) in their further operations.