Tender Anchor Handling Tug – BP 250 -300 Tons – Faroe Island

We have a assignment her in the Faroe Islands.

Location – Víkar, Faroe Islands

Stranded feeding barge approx. weight 1200 Tons

Condition of the barge is resalable stable, owner and divers have located some hull damages, but this have been welded and sea pumps and airlifting will keep the barge floating during the towage to Skála, Faroe Islands.

Starting date is 09.07.2021

Duration 4+1+1+1

Start towage on the 10.07.2021 around none time.

Bollard pull shall be between > 250 Tons < 300 Tons

Pleas contact fms@fms.fo or call +298 610 000 if you want to get more information and if you like to offer you vessel for this assignment.