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(En) Fishing Tubs

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tirsdag, 01 marts 2011

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Visit by Svitzer Sweden and KPMG

Louise Konateh Fredrik Lundgren and Monica Holen Brezicka have been on a two days visit to the Faroe Islands, where we have organize all the meetings with FAS, FMA, lawyers, accountants, Als and tax authorities and the faroe shipoweners associations.

mandag, 28 februar 2011

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To day we have had a meeting whit Thomas Eklund the Managing Director in the cable company Baltic Offshore.

To day we have had a meeting whit Thomas Eklund the Managing Director in the cable company Baltic Offshore. Baltic Offshore is today one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Baltic area with a skilled and competent staff, vessel and equipment with an organisation to undertake almost all submarine cable projects offshore, inshore, in lakes and rivers.

torsdag, 03 februar 2011

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Faroe Business Report. Ship management and human resources consultancy, opened for business, with partner Mr. Joensen as managing director.   With specialist knowledge of the Faroe Islands International Ship Register (FAS), the Faroese company manages merchant vessels under a range of international flags, including the Faroese. FAS advantages include a 18-percent tax on corporate profits, […]

søndag, 30 januar 2011

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The meeting was held at the Monaco Business Center on the 10th of January 2011 Following persons were in attendance at the meeting: The managers of the initiative: Pauli Joensen, FMS Ltd. Morten Milthers, Wind & Water, DK Chris Anderson, 4C Offshore, UK Thomas S. Wissmann, WIND4EVER, D Attending were also: Bernhard Cramer, Bernhard Cramer […]

mandag, 10 januar 2011

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Offshore Wind Energy in Europe conference

How to construct, connect and operate a profitable offshore wind farm in Europe Imagine being able to hear from every successful offshore wind project manager, asking how to overcome challenges and discussing with your peers in both structured & informal settings how to ensure you beat critical time & budget constraints… At this two day […]

tirsdag, 30 november 2010

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Visit a danish ship-owner in Svenborg

Pauli Joensen has been in Svenborg for a meeting whit a danish ship owner, that has plan to ref-flag 3 vessels to the Faroe Island International shipregister

fredag, 26 november 2010

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M/S Smyril is testing LED lighting systems onboard

The state owned ferry company Strandfaraskip landsins have been testing two LED lighting systems onboard M/S Smyril By converting to LED and HID lighting systems, ships could save 87 percent of the electricity used on existing lighting systems, according to a new study on lighting Faroe Maritime Services have assisted strandfaraskip landsins in this matter.

søndag, 31 oktober 2010

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Visit on Morska repair Yard

Pauli Joensen visited a Norwegian vessel which was in the Morska shipyard. The plan is to re flagging the vessel to the Faroe Islands international shipping register the ship-owner has 3 vessels.

torsdag, 28 oktober 2010

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Pre-Purchase Inspection/Condition Survey of M/S Prime Kuummiut

Our team has been ombord M/S Prime Kuummiut to day to make an Inspection and Condition Survey.  

onsdag, 01 september 2010