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Hull Cleaning in the Faroe Islands

One of to days assignment was a Hull Cleaning on a vessel that was in transit from Denmark to Greenland, they decided to come to the Faroes Islands for Hull Cleaning. The vessel had difficulty getting up to the right speed due to a dirty hull, the vessel was 10 hours from the Faroe Island […]

torsdag, 30 august 2012

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(En) Lafayette working in Faroes waters

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mandag, 09 juli 2012

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Nordic Explorer – Stevedoring in port of Torshavn

For the last days the vessel M/S Nordic Explorer belonging to PGS has been in the port of Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.   With the purpose of loading seismic equipment and a lot of supply’s for there next job in Jan Mayen.   They have also been doing many class surveys will in port in the Faroe Islands.   Faroe […]

lørdag, 30 juni 2012

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Faroe Islands represented at Cruise Shipping Miami exhibition

For over 27 years Cruise Shipping Miami continues to be the leading international exhibition and conference serving the cruise industry, bringing together suppliers and buyers for a week of networking sourcing and education. This year again are the Faroe Islands represented at the exhibition. On this occasion the port of Torshavn and port Runavik have each presented there new cruise websites. The Ports of the Faroe Islands are one […]

torsdag, 29 marts 2012

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M/S Bauge is coming to Runavik on the 21.07.2011

M/S Bauge is comming to make the tug of the Faroese trawler Athena that had a big fire, the vessel is going to be demolition at Smedegaarden on Esbjerg in Denmark. Athena has been at the quayside in the Faroe Islands for several months now. The Faroes company Thor in Hósvík have been very unlucky […]

torsdag, 21 juli 2011

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M/S Havtind in port of Torshavn

To day big fishing trawler M/S Havtind enter the port of Torshavn. FMS was pointed as portagent for M/S Havtin at Aker Seafood . M/S Havtind needed some basic supplies and provisions, fuel oil and some fishing gear from Vónin.

søndag, 12 juni 2011

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Faroe Business Report. Ship management and human resources consultancy, opened for business, with partner Mr. Joensen as managing director.   With specialist knowledge of the Faroe Islands International Ship Register (FAS), the Faroese company manages merchant vessels under a range of international flags, including the Faroese. FAS advantages include a 18-percent tax on corporate profits, […]

søndag, 30 januar 2011

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Faroe Maritime Agency

Our team has to day assisted M/S Arctic Eqaluk this vessel enter the port of Torshavn befor they are hedding to Greenland.Faroe Maritime Services was pointed as port-agent for M/S Arctic Eqaluk owned by at Arctic Greenfood A/S. Arctic Eqaluk needed supplies and provisions, fuel oil and fishing gear for their sea voyage to Nuuk in Greenland.

torsdag, 30 september 2010

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M/V Crystal Ice in Klaksvík

M/V Crystal Ice arrived in Klaksvík on the 22.07.10 for loading Atlantic Herring.

torsdag, 22 juli 2010