International Ship Register – FAS

Faroe Islands National & International Ship Register

Faroe Maritime Services is approved by the Faroes Authority and we offers full service for owners interested in change flag to Faroe Island and we will help you to enter the Faroe Islands National or International Ship Register FAS.

The ship register FAS was launched in 1992 and has proven to be an excellent alternative to other ships registers and FAS offers a number of financial advantages including a flexible, efficient, and uncomplicated administration.

Faroe Maritime Services offers full consultancy services to all owners interested to change Faroe Islands National & International Ship Register.

We always recommend interested owners that we start by making an analysis on which financial benefits ship owner can obtain by get his vessels registered in the Faroe Islands and by using the Faroese International Ship Registry.

The result from our analysis shall give the Management Board the best knowledge and information so they can take the right deciding if the Faroes Flag and registering their vessels in the Faroes Islands is the best decision for their operation.

When the right decision has been taken and it is in favor of making a flag change to the Faroes Flag.

Faroe Maritime Services will continue to assist in all the registration processes dealing with alle relevant parties.

Faroe Maritime Services is also part of Faroe Maritime Group and they also owned the company Faroe Maritime Management who will provide you with full technical management, crewing, ISM / ISPS etc.

Below is a short list of some of the advantages the FAS system has.

– No nationality restrictions for crew
– Full refund of crew income taxes (the refund goes to the owner)
– Competitive tax system (TTS) tonnage tax system
– A stable Scandinavian democracy
– Only International demands to vessels
– Faroe Maritime Group has a pool of highly skilled and educated Faroese / Scandinavian officers
– Faroes Flag is also and Scandinavian or European flag