Port Agency in the Faroes

Faroe Maritime Services offers agency services in all faroese ports and at all anchorage places, we assist all kind of vessels fishing vessels and commercial vessels including tank vessels, Nato vessels, cruise vessels, M/yachts and also smaller yachts.

We will make sure that all vessels, crewmembers and passengers will have a pleasant and memorable visit in the Faroe Islands. We offer 24-hour port agency service.

We offer a comprehensive and flexible agency service to ship-owners and companies, and we are fully capable of providing all services to any type of vessel and any in Faroes ports in Faroes anchorage places.

Services offered include clearing ships in and out of ports, communicating with customs, immigration and other authorities – seeking out favourable rates and freight insurances. Other services:

  • Crew change
  • Crew transport
  • Customs & immigration clearance
  • Customs brokerage
  • Bunkers, water, provision & lube oil supplies
  • Materials storage
  • Waste services
  • Launch services
  • Technical assistance
  • Supply services
  • Travel arrangements & ticketing
  • Stevedoring and harbour services
  • Freight forwarding, customs clearance & warehousing
  • Project cargo shipments
  • Ship brokering

If you want a swift expedition please provide us with the below documents and figures:

  1. Information about the vessels’ Continuous Synopsis Record
  2. The position of the vessel at the time of the reporting
  3. The expected time of arrival in the port
  4. Crewing list
  5. General description of the goods in the vessel
  6. Passenger list
  7. Various

Please contact us, by sending email to fms@fms.fo or call us. Our 24 hour service number is as well +298 792001.

Port Agency Stevedoring


Port of Runavik

Port of Torshavn

Port of Klaksvik

Port of Kollafjørður

Port of Sund


Port of Vagur

A maritime pit-stop for service or crew change at the anchorage areas in the Faroe Islands