Faroe Maritime Services offers stevedore services in all faroese ports, we assist fishing vessels, reefers, psv vessels, Seismic vessels, bulk vessels, military and NOTO vessels, research vessels and also cruise vessels, mega yachts and sometimes also smaller yachts etc.

We offer a comprehensive and flexible stevedoring service to ship-owners and companies, and we are fully capable of providing all services to any type of vessel and any type of assignment in Faroes ports.

We have daily stevedoring assignments in Port of Torshavn, Sund and Kollafjørður. 

When we onload fishing vessels and when we load reefer vessels or reefer containers for the export marked.

We supply 2 shifts pr day, 24/7 from 08.00 – 20.00 and 20.00 – 08.00. this shift includ  30 stevedores, including forklift drivers and crane drivers.

Faroe Maritime Services is awarded by FONASBA Quality Standard and our stevedore processes are recognized by the quality management standard: ISO 9001:2008.