Maritime Liaison Agent & Clients Rep.

A Maritime LIAISON AGENT is officially appointed by a party who has authorized us to act on there behalf in a sudden incident or situation.

We assist clients as there Maritime Liaison agent our as the Clients Rep and on site commander depending on the situation.

Typical assignment are related to a incident, a sudden incident or situation that has accord, where no one really knows the exact route back on track.

In most cases serval party are involved, but the ship owner wants to bring the situation back to normal or back on track as fast and efficient as possible, but at the same time, when several party’s are involved and every party has there own saying and interest it can be a struggle to navigate.

We normally undertake the assignment from one of the party who has authorized us to act on there behalf and to coordinate the situation and to represented them in the incident or situation that has accord.

We are used to work in fast-paced, high-pressure environments, maritime environments and we are willing to take all needed initiative to proactively solve and address all issues.

Our duties can variate from time to time, but they always require a strong organizational skills and maritime knowledge and we must be prepare and deliver verbal communications, phone calls and face-to-face meetings, and written communications, some times including press releases and interview, reports and updates to owner & colleagues, collaborators, the public and other stakeholders during the situation and to give our client relevant updates of the situation.

We normally are

  • acting as contact points for all agency or organizational personnel involved;
  • keeping lists and documentation of the situation and gartering data from all the party’s, agency or organization;
  • facilitating meetings between the party’s, agencies and organizations;
  • identifying problems and solutions in communications among these groups;
  • collaborating and communicating with necessary constituents and the public when needed.

As our primary task is to coordinate activities and communications among many people as the shipowner, master, crewmembers, class surveyors, flag state authorities & surveyors and other organizations, Our maritime knowledge comes in hands.

Please contact us, by sending email to and call us on +298 610 000

Our 24/7 service number +298 792001.