Ship delivery or a delivery crew

Faroe Maritime Services creates tailor-made solutions especially for you, characterized by their clear structure and speed, and for all modes of transport.

We are happy to leave the well-worn paths and go down unfamiliar ones to get to the given destination quicker or cheaper.

Our own location is in the center of the North Atlantic, next to harbors and the Airport provides us with the ideal mindset and starting point.

We know boundaries – but no limits.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a smaller boat or a bigger vessel that needs to be moved from place to place or country to country.

We always analyze the options and we end up giving the best alternative in some cases we send out a delivery crew to sail the vessel for example from the shipyard to a given destination, and other times the best solution is to transport the vessel on another vessel or by towing.

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Other services are:


We assist with class certification in moments like reactivation, when many or most certificates have expired; re-issuing of certificates when a vessel has seen a change of flag or even a change of class.


Vessels over 500 GT are subject to separate procedures such as ISM, ISPS, and MLC. We do assist with the initial setup of these special procedures in cooperation with the classification society. We also assist customers in getting their own document of Completes approved by the classification society.

FMS has ISM, and ISPS setup and is MLC certified as a crew supplier.


All activities related to preparing a vessel in the port of departure, or arriving in the port of destination as well as bunker or repair ports are managed by FMS. This also includes passages of the Suez or Panama canal. We pick the best and most cost-effective support, also in the selection of fuel bunker providers and stores/provisions for the voyage.


Most ship deliveries require registration in a different flag register in order to be able to conduct that voyage. We organize the complete registration process also in case of newbuilds – or a change of registration, in case of existing tonnage.

We take care of ISM applications, and exemptions and have the applicable Documents of Compliance in case of a vessel over 500 GT must conform to ISM/ISPS/MLC protocols.


Regular survey guidance is included in ISM/ISPS/MLC vessels, but apart from this we also offer inspection and/or pre-purchase surveys all documented with a full report. Sea trials can be part of such inspections.


No vessels are alike when it comes to ship delivery projects some are not (yet) fully ECDIS equipped and here we operate as standard for the classic setup with paper publications and charts. We plot the most cost-effective route to sail and arrange the necessary set of admiralty books and updated charts. For clients that have full ECDIS, we arrange offices with ECDIS certification.

We also assist in getting E-BOOKS, E-PUBLICATIONS, and INTERNET, etc.


When transiting high-risk areas we can advise on such transits in terms of procedures or in complete solutions with teams of armed guards. Additionally, we advise on BMP5 or BMPWA preparation for relevant areas, provide Kidnap and Ransom insurance and prepare Citadel structures on board the vessel.


Reactivation of laid-up vessels is a challenging task, which requires thorough analysis upfront and a strong and experienced team to be prepared to work under difficult circumstances, often in remote locations. As there are several ways of laying up vessels (hot, warm, and cold just to name a few) we have teams and superintendents available to address such projects.