Condition Survey

  • A condition survey provides a detailed inspection of a vessel’s condition. All certificates, documents, and drawings will be inspected as well as hull, machinery, electrical installations, safety equipment, special deck equipment, factory, etc.

Change of Flag Survey

  • A change of flag survey provides a detailed inspection of all valid approvals and certificates in addition to the requirements from the new flag state.

Class Survey

  • A class survey provides a detailed inspection of all particulars required by the class to maintain the class declaration without any remarks. We can do the class inspection and decide if repair, maintenance, or re-certification of life-saving appliances is needed before a new class declaration can be issued.

Cargo Survey

  • A cargo survey provides a detailed inspection of cargo on behalf of the shipping company, shipper, consignee, insurance company, or other parties concerned before departure or during loading and discharge to ensure that all is done in good order and the cargo has not been or is not damaged. A cargo survey can also include an inspection of damaged cargo and damage to vessels and equipment in this context.

Pre-shipment surveys

  • A Pre-shipment survey provides a detailed inspection- and control area, pre-shipment, such as a physical inspection of the holds of ships, containers, and lorries. We check/inspect the consignment for correct packaging and loading in accordance with the quality of the goods and the client’s specific requirements.

Draft Survey

  • A draft survey provides a detailed calculation of the weight of cargo loaded or unloaded to or from a ship from measurements of changes in its displacement.

Damage Survey

  • A Damage Survey is an assessment of a vessel’s condition including machinery, technical installations, cargo, and the circumstances around the vessel following an accident in addition to assessing the scope and price of repair work.