Provision in Faroe Islands – One-stop shop for ship chandler services in Faroe Islands

We’re experienced suppliers in the maritime industry with a wide range of stores like provision, bonded, deck, engine as well as medicine, nautical, IT, and safety products and equipment at hands.

  • Supply provisions and stores

Faroe Maritime Services has operations in all ports of Faroe Islands. We provide a wide variety of fresh food and beverages. pleas see our list her:

Pleas send the list to, you are always welcome to call our office on +298610000
Owners goods – We can receive and manage to store your spare parts and products in Faroes warehouse. When you need it, we’ll deliver it.
Waste management – We can take care of the generated waste in accordance with the highest standards and regulations.
Transit delivery – Try us out, we are one of the most fastest and reliable ship chandlers in the Faroe Islands, especially when it comes to transit ships.
Port delivery – We can provide scheduled delivery and distribution to all ports of Faroe Islands. We guarantee that we always do everything that we can to find what you need.
Operations and logistics – Our supply chains consist of reliable and established business processes.